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Looking For The Perfect Dress

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Your Happily Ever After

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Bridal Gowns

British wedding dresses have changed in style to match the changing fashion and expanding society over the centuries. Here we look at some of the dresses worn over time, and consider some of the beliefs held about bridal gowns.

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Bridal Boutiques

Your wedding dress is likely to be the most extravagant and the most expensive dress you are ever likely to wear. Within the UK there are a number of creative and talented British wedding dress designers who can create the perfect dress for you.

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Tip from the team: Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for your wedding because it is one of the most romantic days of the year and on top of that you will never forget your wedding anniversary and the valentine gift ideas are plentiful. You don’t even have to worry about the theme of your wedding – it’s all about hearts and the colors red and pink.

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Wedding anniversary traditions

Traditional gifts to celebrate each wedding anniversary were only officially listed in the 1930s. Before this, the list of materials was short, to mark the first anniversary (paper) and the milestone anniversaries which are considered to be at years 5 (wood), 10 (tin), 20 (china), 25 (silver), 50 (gold) and 70 (platinum). This list was first published in 1922 and the materials go from weak to strong to symbolise the strengthening of the relationship. Over the years more materials have been added and the list updated and modernised. There are now two lists for traditional and for modern gifts, with the UK list being a little different to the one used in the USA.